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Pioneers Recap

07/09/2017, 9:45pm CDT
By Levi Bauer

To look back on the Sting's 45-6 loss on Saturday night against the St. Paul Pioneers here are 3 things to look at to hopefully improve on for the next game.


Offense: Turnovers; There were all kinds of turnovers by our offense, unfortunately, in Saturday's game ranging from interceptions, fumbles and even a fumble return for a TD. In order for us to win this next game we need to eliminate these turnovers and hold onto the ball for extended drives on offense and keep the opposing offense off the field as much as possible.


Defense: Allowing TDs; In Saturday's game, the Sting's defense allowed several TDs, including 3 in a 30-60 second span late in the 2nd quarter. In order to be dominant on defense, the defensive unit needs to be aware of critical situations in the game while also knowing their individual assignments in these situations. The defense also has to be determined to stop the opposing offense on every drive so they can limit them to no points early and often. 


Special Teams: Penalties; Late in Saturday's game, we returned a kickoff for a TD that would've bumped up our point total to 12, pending on the PAT attempt to make it 13, but a critical penalty during the play resulted in our drive being bumped back to the Sting 20 instead of the TD. In order for us to win this Saturday, we have to play smart, tough and physical football so that we don't get a penalty in a critical situation again. Whichever team in a football game is tougher and smarter is going to win said game and the Sting will have to be that team on Saturday if they want to win.

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