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Invaders Preview

06/23/2017, 8:45am CDT
By Levi Bauer

To preview this week's game against the Fargo Invaders, here are 3 things to watch as the game progresses.


Offense. Capitalize on opportunities: Early in the game (First drive of the game to be exact) our offense took a shot downfield and connected with one of our WRs for a huge gain that put us in good position to score early. But unfortunately, we couldn't get anything going after that. This week on offense we have to minimize turnovers of any kind and maximize opportunities our offense gets in order to win. 


Defense. Get turnovers and capitalize on them: Last week we got a defensive interception deep in our territory. But unfortunately, we couldn't capitalize on it. In order for the Sting to be dominant on defense this week, they need to get turnovers and keep the Invaders offense off the field as much as possible. Then it's our offense's job to maximize on those opportunities. Minimizing turnovers and maximizing opportunities. These are the keys to a great football team. 


Special Teams. Be on point in every phase: Special Teams is a crucial part of any football team. It's where games are won and lost the majority of the time. In order to win this week, the Sting's special teams unit has to be on point and in sync in every phase because if one tiny thing goes wrong it could be that little error that can lose a game for you. So with that being said, our special teams needs to be in sync all game to be able to limit the output of the Invaders' special teams unit in order to hopefully win the game.

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