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    Sting News

    Who are the Sting?

    The Battle Creek Sting - Minor League Football Organization is an Adult Amatuer Football Team and are a 317A Non Profit with the State of Minnesota.

    The purpose of our organization is to support amateur athletics in Minnesota; to support youth football; to promote a healthy lifestyle in both youth and adults; and to give back to our community.

    Battle Creek Sting players, coaches and staff come from all walks of life. We are sales associates, police officers, firefighters, fitness trainers, teachers, mail couriers, constructions workers, veterinarians, pharmacists, factory workers and high school coaches.

    We come together for the love of the game and in doing so hope to give back to our community and provide an atmosphere for families to come enjoy a great game a football on a Saturday summer afternoon. Come join the hive!

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    of the Northern Elite Football League

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